Acoustic PVC

Forbo acoustic PVC flooring Sarlon

..mute noise like never before

Reducing noise can reduce negative effects on the human body, such as preventing sleep disorders, stress, headaches, memory loss, aggression, and learning disabilities. As a result, acoustic properties are a very important factor when installing a room.

30 years of experience in acoustic floor coverings
Acoustic flooring is very important to reduce noise in buildings. Forbo Flooring are acoustic flooring professionals with more than 30 years of experience. We have accumulated specific knowledge that allows us to create best-in-class acoustic floors.

The best way to reduce noise
The Sarlon Acoustic Vinyl Series is designed and tested to provide the highest possible noise reduction and meet the needs of high-load commercial areas. To suit all areas, our Sarlon Acoustic Vinyl Series offers 2 levels of noise reduction: 15 dB and 19dB.

Noise reduction and residual impressions
All of our coatings take into account 2 essential criteria: impact sound insulation and residual impressions.

Sarlon 19 dB
Sarlon 19dB floors have the best possible acoustic properties and the highest resistance to residual impressions compared to other floor coverings of this type.

Sarlon 15dB
This flooring is suitable if there are strict requirements and the pavement will transport wheeled vehicles and walk a lot of people. Sarlon 15dB is the best possible choice of residual impression-resistant acoustic floor coverings.

What is the best – the circumstances will dictate to you. Forbo can ensure that the best choice for acoustic floor coverings is right here.

New design concept
Sarlon’s new design concept is based on listening to market requirements and customer needs. It is the best combination of design, functionality and acoustic properties on the market.

Our new Sarlon collection is a balanced and mature product with a wide range of applications. This flooring is not only the most amazing design on the market, but also available in a variety of colors, combinations and designs to meet the requirements of acoustic floor coverings.

Sarlon akustinė danga

Sarlon Canyon orange 432246

Sarlon Canyon
Sarlon Cement medium grey 433572

Sarlon Cement
Sarlon Code Zero lime 433208

Sarlon Code Zero
Sarlon Concrete silver 433771

Sarlon Concrete
Sarlon Cristal sky 433837

Sarlon Cristal

Sarlon Dégradé
Sarlon Frequency turquoise 433447

Sarlon Frequency
Sarlon Linea light grey 433121

Sarlon Linea
Sarlon Resin saffron 433756

Sarlon Resin
Sarlon Topography black 433929

Sarlon Topography
Sarlon Uni avocado 430818

Sarlon Uni
Sarlon Zebrano light grey 433311

Sarlon Zebrano
Sarlon Wood XL modern carbon 438422

Sarlon Wood
Sarlon Oak natural 438483

Sarlon Oak
Sarlon Abstract Wood white 433980

Sarlon Abstract Wood