Homogeneous PVC

Sphera homogeneous vinyl from “Forbo”

Sphera is Forbo’s new homogeneous vinyl floor covering produced in a brand new manufacturing plant with the latest technology. It has a uniquely embossed surface that offers optimal performance, it is low emitting and 100% phtalate free. Sphera is styled by our European design team and offers high LRV values and bright, saturated hues.

Forbo Sphera is setting new standards in homogeneous vinyl flooring. It is produced in our brand new manufacturing plant where all the latest insights and technology have been used to create smart and innovative solutions.
The result: a premium homogenous vinyl floor covering!

Our Sphera flooring adds character and style to floors across numerous applications. Whether in demanding, hygienic healthcare environments, in flexible, multi-purpose modern public buildings or in education facilities and offices where durability and colour are key.

Design & colour
• A new technology delivers bright and saturated hues, resulting in striking colourtones, many with high light reflection values (LRV)
• Sphera Element offers a balanced palette of 62 colours that coordinates well with other Forbo floor coverings like Marmoleum and textile flooring.
• The Sphera Energetic palette contains 41 solid colours and 11 matching colours with vivid accent chips.

50045 jade Sphera Element tabletop

Sphera Element
51216 tabletop B

Sphera Energetic
50440 tabletop Sphera Evolution

Sphera Elite
Sphera Essence 50507

Sphera Essence